Idea: TV Style Subscription Service For Games

Games can be developed same ways TV shows are produced. You play an episode of a game and wait until next week to play the next episode. This will make it easier for game developers, for example, to push out the game. All they have to do is produce the first episode (which is much shorter than normal game) and release it into the public. In the meantime the developers can work on the next short installment, due next week. The consumer would then subscribe to a cable style service where he/she can opt to play several different games that are released in TV show fashion. Similar to having 40 channels in a basic package. Either that or the consumer pays per game.

Give users the chance to shape the series.
Since the game is being developed in short installments, ask the audience using things like polls (and/or by collecting statistics) how the next episode should play out. This will make the game a bit more interactive and feel more custom tailored should your vote influence the outcome.

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