2013 V-Strom 650 fork brace by AdventureTech review


Prior to owning the V-Strom I had Ninja 250r. I am used to the bike being tossed in high winds, cross winds, big trucks, etc. I’ve learned to relax and just correct the direction.

V-Strom 650 suffers from instability in high winds much less so then the Ninja, but I still wanted to try a “no toss” experience.

The expectation:

I ordered the fork brace from AdventureTech having some reservations. If the fork brace was so good why wouldn’t the manufacturers have it as stock? One more piece of metal does not seem all that much. I was hoping I would be proven wrong having read many positive reviews.

The result:

The fork makes a difference. On a highway you feel as if your bike is riding on a rail – it no longer wanders left and right. Before the fork it took one twitch of a muscle in my hands or butt to send the bike off course, but now an effort is needed to change direction.

Because you are riding on a virtual rail things like cross winds, trucks, etc, no longer send you off your course. I must admit it’s a little less fun. Before I was on my guard all the time but now I relax more.

At low speeds and turns the bike handles easier. It listens to you more. Things like turning are easier.

Overall, highly recommended.