Idea: Dual Exhaust – one for city and one for highway use

The main problem with “performance” or louder than stock exhausts is that they are annoying or no fun on the highway. Your throttle is pretty much constant on the highway and the elevated noise coming from the exhaust gets annoying quickly. You can sound proof your car but that can run you into $ 1k+ easily.

Another solution is to have two mufflers with an ability to choose though which one the exhaust gases will flow. One muffler can be louder so you can use it in the city. Once you go on the highway you can flip a switch and activate the quieter muffler.

A performance muffler is around $100. Plus piping – another $30 or so. The ability to switch between the two? Throw in another $100. Many sports cars or sporty looking cars come with dual mufflers anyhow. So it’s just adding the switch.