Scorpion Exo 700 vs Scorpion Exo 400 Review

I’ve bought both the Scoripon Exo 700 (for myself) and the Scorpion Exo 400 (passenger) helmets and decided to do a review on them. These helmets are very popular and people often ask which one to get: the 400 or the 700. Let me first say that these are my first helmets so I cannot compare them to any other helmets I’ve had.

I am very pleased with both helmets, so there will be no winners or losers in this review. I will just point out the differences between the two.

First, the Scorpion Exo 700.

I bought this one @ for $108.95 + $35.00 shipping to Canada. That’s $143.95 USD in total (and no tariffs!). It pays to order a previous year model, STG often has them on sale for a fraction of a price of a current year model.

Very good build quality
Ventilates very well
Does not fog up

If you wear glasses, they are not as easy to put on as with Exo 400
A bit noisy (b/c it ventilates so well)

Second, the Scorpion Exo 400

I bought this one as STG as well, for $64.95 + $35.00 shipping to Canada. That’s $99.95 USD in total. This is a previous year model as well.

Same shield as on 700, does not fog up
Just as light as the 700
A bit less noisy then the 700
Easier to put on glasses then with the 700

The plastic looks cheap comparing to Exo 700 (the shell looks just as nice though)
Does not ventilate as well

In conclusion, I would like to repeat that I am very pleased with both helmets. If your budget allows for it, go for the Exo 700. Otherwise, get yourself a 400 and rest assured that you are not missing out on much.